Transform a regular ice cream cone into something extraordinary!

If you know Philadelphia then you know that the locals love their pretzels dipped into ice cream. The combination of salty and sweet is a true favorite. This tradition was the inspiration for developing an ice cream cone made from pretzels. With the tremendous popularity of these cones we have expanded our product line to feature an entire family of ice cream cones.

Try them for yourself, and never accept an ordinary cone again!


Chocolate Chip cookEcones
Gourmet chocolate chip cookie dough rolled into a cone and baked until just the right combination of a moist, yet crunchy cookie.
Chocolate cookEcones
Rich, dark, chocolatey wafer cookies formed into a heavenly deluxe cone for a luscious taste to complement every bite.
cookEcones with M&M’s® MINI’s®
Generous portions of the ever-popular (okay, down-right worshiped) M&M’s® MINI’s® baked right in to every sweet and scrumptious cookie-filled bite.
This is how it all began. The original Cone Guys’ Philadelphia-style golden pretzels formed into a delightfully crisp and yummy baked cone.

Allergy Alert: Please be advised that while our recipes are nut-free and our production facility is nut-free, we cannot vouch for the facilities of our suppliers. The M&M’s MINI’s are made in a plant that processes peanuts.

KoCone Guys are certified Kosher. The M&M cone is Dairy, all other cones are Dairy Equipment.

Cone Guys Locations

Cone Guys gourmet cones are available at many local markets, retail stores, ice cream shops and gourmet food stores across the United States. Find a Cone Guys seller here. Don’t see any retail locations in your state? Click Here for home delivery nationwide and to Canada; and ask your favorite local ice cream parlor, specialty shop, or food market to Contact Us today to start stocking Cone Guys in their store!

Become a Cone Guys Distributor

Businesses throughout the country have recognized the quality, value and increased sales opportunity from carrying Cone Guys Ice Cream Cones! Whether an ice cream shop, cafe, food market or retail chain, Chocolate Chip cookEcones,Chocolate cookEcones, cookEcones with M&M’s® MINI’s® and our original PretzLcones are available for retail sale. Learn More here.
*Mars, Incorporated has no affiliation with the producer or distributor of this product and has no participation in the production or distribution of this product. M&M’s and MINI’s are registered trademarks of Mars, Inc.