black and white picGrowing up in and around Philadelphia, many locals’ first recollection of eating ice cream includes dipping crispy pretzels into a favorite flavor, devouring the pair and picking up another pretzel to start again! Pretzels bring out the best in any kind of ice cream…the blend just goes well together.

Eating pretzels with ice cream was just a part of growing up for our original pretzLcone inventor, and The Cone Guys founder, Ian Cooper. If you were having ice cream, you had to have pretzels. And if you were eating pretzels, you needed ice cream.

Cooper, like a lot of other children, was always thinking how great it would be to have cones made out of pretzels. It seemed to make sense. “When I grow up,” he promised himself, “I’m going to invent a pretzel cone.” In 1986, he fulfilled his childhood pledge. Cooper sold his dental supply business and invented the pretzel cone, just as he said he would.

This Pennsylvania Dutch tradition was the inspiration for developing an ice cream cone made from pretzels. Today, many years later, Cone Guys offers four flavors of gourmet cones.

  • All baked with the finest ingredients
  • Superior quality and taste to all other ice cream cones
  •  The homemade dough recipe produces a solid cone which holds ice cream securely inside.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds, a cookie or a pretzel and ice cream!

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Cone Guys Locations

Cone Guys gourmet cones are available at many local markets, retail stores, ice cream shops and gourmet food stores across the United States. Find a Cone Guys seller here. Don’t see any retail locations in your state? Click Here for home delivery nationwide and to Canada; and ask your favorite local ice cream parlor, specialty shop, or food market to Contact Us today to start stocking Cone Guys in their store!

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Businesses throughout the country have recognized the quality, value and increased sales opportunity from carrying Cone Guys Ice Cream Cones! Whether an ice cream shop, cafe, food market or retail chain, Chocolate Chip cookEcones,Chocolate cookEcones, cookEcones with M&M’s® MINI’s® and our original PretzLcones are available for retail sale. Learn More here.