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Do you love ice cream, but are tired of the same old cone? Why settle? Are you looking for something special to serve at an upcoming event, in your ice cream parlor, or a unique gift for friends or family?

Discover Cone Guys ice cream cones…The country’s original gourmet pretzel cones and homemade cookie cones!

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Cone Guys Locations

Cone Guys gourmet cones are available at many local markets, retail stores, ice cream shops and gourmet food stores across the United States. Find a Cone Guys seller here. Don’t see any retail locations in your state? Click Here for home delivery nationwide and to Canada; and ask your favorite local ice cream parlor, specialty shop, or food market to Contact Us today to start stocking Cone Guys in their store!

Become a Cone Guys Distributor

Businesses throughout the country have recognized the quality website
, value and increased sales opportunity from carrying Cone Guys Ice Cream Cones! Whether an ice cream shop, cafe, food market or retail chain, Chocolate Chip cookEcones,Chocolate cookEcones, cookEcones with M&M’s® MINI’s® and our original PretzLcones are available for retail sale. Learn More here.


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“Rethinking the way we enjoy ice cream in a cone!”


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